We installed a 400×244 cm Silentmax3D acoustic panel in the undercroft of the Neo-Gothic castle Hluboká nad Vltavou.

The installation is very simple. The metal strips of the Silentmax Easy-fix system are fixed to the wall using dowels and screws. The acoustic segments are then inserted into the grooves and thanks to the reverse teeth in the rails, they hold perfectly.

The installation itself is very simple and quick.

The total acoustically active surface area of the Silentmax3D panel is 24 m2, the reverberation time at 1 kHz has dropped from 1s to 650ms.

Do you suffer from excessive echo? Would you like a Silentmax3D acoustic panel in your home, office, meeting room or restaurant? Order online and in three sizes:

Silentmax3D – 400×244 cm
Silentmax3D – 244×244 cm
Silentmax3D – 200×122 cm

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