Acoustic comfort brings peace of mind for work and relaxation. It has been proven to increase concentration and productivity at work. Investing in acoustics has lasting benefits in environmental comfort, fundamentally improving the intelligibility of the spoken word.

Acoustic panrels Silentmax® absorb unwanted acoustic energy. They reduce reverberation and improve the overall acoustic performance of the room. The panels are maintenance-free and easy to install. They are ecologically produced by 100% recycling of PET bottles, are health-safe, do not trap odours and are non-flammable. They also have excellent thermal insulation properties.
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  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Easy installation
  • Great performance/price ratio
  • Environmentally friendly – made from 100% PET recyclate
  • Maintenance-free
  • Health friendly
  • Colourfast
  • Chemically resistant
  • Odour-resistant
  • Non-flammable, self-extinguishing
  • Texture marble
Silentmax – high acoustic absorption
Reduce noise and enjoy peace of mind


  • Offices and common areas
  • Restaurants, pubs
  • Cinemas, home cinemas, home audio
  • Conference halls, meeting rooms
  • Schools, gyms, swimming pools
  • Hospitals, waiting rooms
  • Shops, stores, lobbies
  • Home interiors
  • Wall panels, various shapes

Benefit of acoustic panels

  • Reduce unwanted reverberation
  • Reduce noise in the space
  • Bringing acoustic comfort
  • Quiet environment increases concentration and productivity
  • Absorb unwanted acoustic energy
  • Reduce the acoustic load on the room
Perceive sound clearly and distinctly
Easy and quick installation by hanging


  • Using spacing screws
  • Bonding to the wall
  • Gluing under tables, chairs and furniture
  • As a separating partition
  • With Velcro
  • On the ceiling by gluing or anchoring
  • Make your own decorative shape

How does Silentmax® work?

Just as stones in a river impede the flow of water, Silentmax® acoustic panels impede acoustic energy. Did you know that 1 m3 of air weighs approximately 1 Kg? Acoustic energy propagates through space by waves. Silentmax® acoustic panels absorb and absorb this energy very effectively. The internal density of the Silentmax® panels is optimised so that, with an intrinsic thickness of 12 mm, their acoustic absorption is as high as possible. The panels are partially breathable and therefore effectively absorb acoustic energy over a very wide range of audible frequencies.