Even large-scale installations of Silentmax acoustic panels can be interesting. The Panorama shopping centre in Vilnius is complemented by a set of acoustic elements in the shape of sea waves, which also reduce the echo inside the building. They contribute to greater silence and peace during shopping.

Silentmax acoustic panels shield direct sunlight, reducing the building’s energy consumption in summer. At the same time, they do not block daylight. The night scene is completed by LED luminaires between the acoustic fins, which diffuse the light in an interesting way.

Technical data

A total of 117 Silentmax acoustic panels are made up of 28 ribs, which are placed at a height of 24 m. The Panorama Shopping Centre’s stained glass is irregular. The acoustic ribs have a width of three to six metres and the total length of the installation is 28 metres. The installation was carried out overnight so as not to disrupt the operation of the shopping centre. Three people and one forklift did not rest for 11 night

The aesthetic design and installation was carried out by UAB ARCHTEKSA www.archteksa.lt

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