SilentMax® acoustic panels are also suitable for dance spaces. Thanks to its unique properties, it can improve the acoustics of the room so that the enjoyment not only of dancing, but also of listening to music is a real experience without unpleasant reverberation or echo.

The space of the H2B dance hall is 17.5 x 6.22 x 3.35 m. The total area of the hall is approximately 408 m2. The ceiling is supported by five lintels of 6.22 x 0.5 m, on which gray acoustic panels have been installed.

Measurement of the acoustic properties of the space

A calibrated UMIC microphone and REW software were used to measure the acoustic properties of the dance hall. The measurement was performed twice in total – before installation and after installation. What are the results?

Waterfall – reverberation time

It shows the intensity of acoustic energy depending on the frequency and reverberation time. The value of the acoustic energy in dB is represented by the Y-axis. The frequency from 100 Hz to 10 kHz is represented by the Y-axis. The time, or reverberation time, is represented in space by the Z-axis. In half a second, the Z-axis ends, at this border an area corresponding to the value of the acoustic energy in time 0.5 s.

RT60 – reverberation time

It represents the time in which the acoustic energy value drops by 60 dB. Time is represented by the Y axis. Frequency in the range of 100 Hz to 10 kHz is represented by the X axis. At a frequency of 1 kHz, after installing eight acoustic panels, the reverberation value dropped from 1.776 s to 1.025 s, which represents a 43% reduction in reverberation.


The installation of an acoustically absorbing surface with a total surface of 24 m2 reduced the reverberation by 43% (at an average frequency of 1 kHz). The echo was reduced by almost half. The intelligibility of the spoken word has fundamentally increased and the reverberation in the ballroom has been reduced. The music is more understandable, the individual musical instruments more concrete.

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