Silentmax is a breathable, absorbent, homogeneous structure made of PET fibres. The fibres are solid, so they do not hold odours or trap dirt. Dirt sticks only in the gaps between the fibres. Dust should only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or wet, similar to carpets.

What if something unexpected happens?

Follow these rules when cleaning Silentmax:

  1. vacuum the stain as soon as possible, do not push dirt inside, for example with a rag. The vacuum cleaner pulls the dirt outwards from the panel.
  2. dirt that dries quickly soak, dissolve and vacuum.
  3. dirt that is dry, such as dust, rinse with water from the panel structure and vacuum.


Vacuum dry or wet. Water washes away more dirt, a carpet brush can also be used.

Water-based marker

Press the vacuum cleaner nozzle against the surface of the Silentmax, while pouring clean water on the dirty area so that the paint dissolves and the vacuum cleaner pulls it outwards from the structure.


Wipe lightly to ensure that dirt enters the structure of the material as little as possible.

Try to dilute the dirt as much as possible with water and vacuum it up.

Pour a concentrated or slightly undiluted dishwashing or laundry detergent on the stain and let it soak in. The detergent will bind to the dirt and then suck it out of the material using water.

Alcohol marker

Dissolve with alcohol and vacuum.


The paint is water soluble, dilute with water and vacuum.


Vacuum, rinse with water and vacuum.

Red wine

Vaccum it.

Dilute with water and vacuum.

Next, you need to remove any residual dye that is deep in the Silentmax structure. Hot water, dishwashing liquid or detergent will help. Again, plenty of water and vacuum it outwards from the material.

Which cleaner to use for certain types of dirt

Never use substance that etch PET.

Blood – cold water, for stains older than 12 hours washing powder (2%)
Paints /water – cold water, possibly diluted carpet shampoo
Paints /oil – turpentine, possibly tetrachlorine or trichloroethylene then possibly diluted carpet shampoo
Grease, Oil – hot water 60-90 °C and finally diluted carpet shampoo
Fix – warm water and if not enough, diluted carpet shampoo, then possibly washing powder(2%)
Grass and vegetables, marmalade, fruit – warm water, possibly washing powder (2%)
Coffee* – warm water, possibly washing powdert (2%)
Candle wax – highly absorbent paper with warm iron (wool setting), possibly tetrachlorine, trichlorine or turpentine
Glue – any water or alcohol
Pencil – methyl alcohol, possibly diluted carpet shampoo
Ink, Lemonade or liqueur – warm water and if necessary washing powder (2%)
Lipstick – tetrachlorine, trichlorine or turpentine, then diluted carpet shampoo
Soot – vacuum, then diluted carpet shampoo
Mustard – diluted carpet shampoo
Colomaz – tetrachlorine, trichlorine or turpentine
Wine * – sprinkle with salt and leave for a while, possibly treat with warm water or biological detergent.

*Some stains (wine, coffee, currant…) are difficult to remove if not treated immediately. Specialized cleaning companies have a variety of products, the use of which is better left to a specialist. Consult them if you have a problem.

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