The owner of the reconstructed house chose Silentmax acoustic panels instead of plasterboard. At home, he thus achieved acoustic well-being for leisure time or work, for listening to music and more perfect sound from a home cinema.
The acoustic panels are installed under the ceiling between the recognized beams and at first glance they do not differ at all from classic plasterboard. Silentmax acoustic panels are only 12mm thick, so they take up minimal space. The dimensions of Silentmax can be easily adjusted with a hacksaw, the joints can be covered with acrylic sealant. Acoustic panels are not painted, as they would lose their acoustic absorption. Silentmax is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Acoustic panels dampen the acoustic energy inside the living space more quickly. Noise and noises that enter the interior from the outside are muffled much earlier. Noise exposure will thus be noticeably reduced.