The Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC is a dimensionless numerical value that describes the sound absorption of a given material. In English, it is referred to as the Sound Absorption Coefficient.

The NRC is dependent on the frequency and type of material. Soft materials absorb acoustic energy much better than hard materials.

Excessive hard acoustically reflective surfaces substantially increase the reverberation rate in a given space.

Iron plate 1,5 mm0,23
Glass 6 mm0,02
Plywood 10 mm0,23
Concrete 150 mm0,35
Hard exposed soil0,02
Water in the pool0,07
Plastic 3 mm0,23
Brick wall 150 mm0,37
Standard carpet0,20
A thick carpet0,41
Thick carpet with rubber backing0,55
Silentmax® 12 mm1,27
NRC coefficient of some materials

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